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Landshark: Fins In with Zac Brown

The Ask

Promote Landshark's partnership with the Zac Brown Band and their summer-long limited-edition 16 oz. cans.


The Answer

Create a 10-episode web series that gave fans intimate access to the band. But, each video could only be unlocked after the previous video had enough views or likes on Facebook.


The Results

Millions of views and engagements on the Landshark Facebook page.



Billboard Concert Markerting & Promotion Award finalist


Episode 2
The Great Race
Episode 3

The Percussion Cookoff

Episode 4


This Can Goes to 11

Episode 5


Time to Eat and Greet

Episode 6


Eric Pretto - Guitar Guru

Episode 7


Eric Roderick - Production Manager

Episode 8


Penn Robertson - Drum Tech

Episode 9


Steve Ossler - Video Director

Episode 10


T-Bird - Fan Club President

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