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We created a one-night-only, invite-only, pop-up dinner event on a rooftop in downtown Kansas City that demonstrated and celebrated the unique pairing of Budweiser and burgers. Guests didn't know where they were going until the day of the event, or what to expect until they showed up. Packed with surprises, guests sampled custom burgers from Joe West, got a custom-made t-shirt, and could design their own can using Virtual Reality.


We used pizza - yes, pizza - to make the topic STEM relatable, then created an interactive touchscreen experience that pitted two teams of students against each other. By the end, students were able to learn about the 15,000+ jobs it takes to get a pizza from farm to front door, and how STEM is involved every step of the way.

NASCAR - Champion's Week

We created a 3-day event in Las Vegas to help celebrate the NASCAR season. Our Fan Headquarters was the place for die-hard fans and passing tourists to hangout and check out all things NASCAR, with new activities and experiences every single day.

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ROLLING ROCK - Do Your Thing

We created a campaign that celebrated the brand’s strong heritage and put the consumers first by asking them to submit photos of themselves showing us how they Do Their Thing. The photos were then used for POS, packaging, advertising and featured in pop-up art galleries across the U.S..


During the World Cup, while everyone was watching the stars on the field, Gatorade wanted to find the next rising star. So we asked teen athletes to show us their unreal futbol skills for a chance to win an unreal trip around the world, culminating with a stop at the World Cup in Brazil.

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Create a climbing experience that resonated with attendees at the GoPro Mountain Games, giving them a reason to visit our space, compete with friends, and share it on social media. More importantly, we were able to sample BullFrog products and educate attendees about their sunscreen.


In order to create added engagement at events and immerse attendees and fans into a world of Sparkling Ice, we created Sparkling Slice - a custom game that allowed players to smash the ice cubes in order to score big.


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