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Gatorade - Custom Bottle Program

The Ask

Create an online sweepstakes entry form for Gatorade’s retail-driven program featuring limited-time-only bottles.


The Answer

We wanted to do more than just create a sweepstakes entry form. We wanted competitive high school athletes to feel legendary. So we gave every one of them something that’s normally reserved for the world’s best - their own Gatorade bottle. They could feature their bottle on over 80 posters to share with friends via their social channels.


The Results

120,000+ submissions

115,000+ new social followers

514,000,000+ media impressions

108,000,000+ total social impressions

Intuitive editing tool online made it easy for visitors to create their own Gatorade bottle and feature it on a Gatorade poster.

Custom Posters

Visitors could put their custom bottle on one of over 75 different posters, incluing in the hands of professional athletes and on the field of their favorite NFL team.

Social Media

Social media from both Gatorade, our athletes, and media partners created shareable content that drove participation.

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