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Gatorade - League of Captains

The Ask

Create a compelling in-store program featuring limited-time-only bottles that drive display activity and increase sales during the second half of summer.


The Answer

Partner with DC Entertainment to create 5 unique bottle labels, custom comic books featuring Gatorade athletes, allow consumers to create their own athlete superheroes, and even give competitive high school athletes the chance to win their very own comic book cover.


The Results

Increase in purchase intent

Increase is sales and display activity

Increase in brand affinity

168,162,496 total impressions

180,000+ characters created

275,000+ comics read online

Comic Books

Interactive comic books let teen athletes experience the unique stories of some of footballs biggest names and see what it took for them to #WInFromWithin

Character Creator


Teen athletes could create their very own "athlete superhero" and share them on their social channels.


Paid and earned media expanded the reach of the program and drove consumers in-store and online.

Social Media

Social media from both Gatorade, our athletes, and media partners created shareable content that drove participation.

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