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Shock Top - Virtual Sip

The Ask

Generate awareness for Shock Top.


The Answer

Stand apart from typical beer holidays by owning April Fools Day with a prank that invites consumers to lick and smell their phone.


The Results

Featured on 36 different shows, including 14 national TV segments, and over 200 websites. Over 2.5 million YouTube views. Over 205 million total impressions.



We created a commercial for the app and ran it on relevant tech and beer related websites.

4/One Technologies


We then created a video from the technologies inventors, 4/One Technologies, to explain how the app worked and increased the believability of Virtual Sip.



Testimonials from "real" fans were seeded on our website and Facebook page.



The Shock Top brewmaster explains how the app will revolutionize beer sampling.

Promoting the app

Paid and earned media expanded the reach of the program and drove consumers to the Apple app store to download the app.

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