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Gatorade - Custom Bottle Program

We wanted to do more than just create a sweepstakes entry form. We wanted competitive high school athletes to feel legendary. So we gave every one of them something that’s normally reserved for the world’s best - their own Gatorade bottle. They could feature their bottle on over 80 different posters to share with friends via their social channels.


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The Digital Graffiti Project

We created a virtual digital graffiti experience using a 3D printed custom
spray can that allows you to choose colors on screen, then hooked it up to an HTC Vive Tracker. The result is a vibrant graffiti experience that feels like the
real thing.

Technology used:

3D printed can - custom components - HTC Vive - LED wall

Gatorade Sports Performance


We partnered with XBOX One to give competitive high school athletes the chance to workout with, and compete against, professional athletes from their own living room, all while delivering product education along the way.

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Gatorade World Cup

Launch Video

During the World Cup, while everyone was watching the stars on the field, Gatorade wanted to find the next rising star. So we created a global campaign that asked teen athletes to show us their unreal futbol skills for a chance to win an unreal trip around the world, culminating with a stop at the World Cup in Brazil.

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Winner's Recap Video

901 Tequila

When launching Justin Timberlake's tequila, we wanted to get consumers in on the action and have them share with us what the brand should be doing with marketing. The video launched at 9:01 pm on 9/01 and starred Mr. Timberlake himself.

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