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I've worked on a lot of projects over the years. My diverse background includes digital, film, shopper, social, experiential and traditional for companies ranging from Fortune 100 to local icons to non-profits. No matter the size of the client or project, I give each one of them the same time, passion and attention to detail I pride myself on. If there's something you'd like to see and you don't find it below, just ask.



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23 years after the iconic spot first aired, Gatorade brought it back, and this time they weren't telling fans to Be Like Mike, they were asking them to demonstrate what it means to #BELIKEMIKE

Included digital, experiential, film, social, traditional

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Bud Light was launching a new ad campaign during the Super Bowl focused on transparency of their ingredients and that they don't use corn syrup (which many brewers do). We concepted, wrote and designed a mobile-first site to complement the campaign and show how a Bud Light gets from farm to bottle.



Addiction is Real, a non-profit in St. Louis, created an experience that brings a typical high-schooler's bedroom to schools and invites parents to see if they can uncover all of the items that indicate drug and alcohol use. They wanted to bring this activity online so more parents could experience it. We created an interactive site that allowed parents to explore a virtual bedroom and discover all of the signs of drug and alcohol use that are Hidden In Plain View. 

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We created a series of 360 videos that gave fans a unique look at what goes on in the  arena on game day. The videos included exclusive access, including the locker room after the game for the gloves exchange, the bench during warm-ups, the Zamboni, and a unique look at what it takes to score a goal in the NHL.

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In order to increase awareness for the Gatorade Recover Whey Protein Bar, we gave competitive high school athletes a behind-the-scenes look into pro athletes’ lockers - the place where post-game recovery begins.

Included digital, film, social


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To generate awareness for Shock Top, we created a one-of-a-kind April Fools' Day prank that invited consumers to lick and smell their phone to get a taste of Shock Top.


Included digital, film, social, shopper

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Kuna Foodservice was looking to update their website in order to increase customer awareness, engagement and conversion. Going beyond just a redesign, we created the site and all new content to be more SEO friendly and increase total customer base.

Included digital and film


Lindenwood University asked us to redesign their entire website - over 300 pages. We created a structure that reorganized every section and also every page within that section. This created more consistency across the site while also making it easier for visitors to find what they were looking for.




Lindenwood University was looking to create awareness that would generate more campus visits and, ultimately, more applications. All higher education campaigns tend to look the same and all say the same thing. We needed to breakthrough in a cluttered market and challenge the audience's preconceived notions about Lindenwood. We needed them to Rethink What You Think About Lindenwood University.

Also included digital, print, OOH, social

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SPIRE - ONE > 50 Ad campaign

Spire Energy is the leading natural gas provider in Missouri and Alabama. ​Like many energy companies, they are committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2050. They wanted an ad campaign that communicated that commitment along with the other benefits of choosing natural gas over electric.

Also included digital, print, OOH, social

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DON'T WAIT - A film by Addiction is Real

Addiction Is Real wanted to bring their substance abuse prevention educational presentation to as many parents as possible, while also helping raise money for the non-profit. Rather than create a standard educational video, we created a 52-minute documentary that shared stories from real parents, and insights and advice from medical professionals and experts.

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The Series

We created an award-winning documentary series featuring athletes who overcame great odds in order to help competitive high school athletes understand what it means to Win From Within.

Included film, digital, social

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SHOCK TOP - Earthworks

We commissioned world-renowned Earthwork artist Stan Herd to create a series of 3 Shock Top Earthworks in Austin, Orange County, and Boston to communicate the hand-craftedness of Shock Top. We captured his story and created an award-winning documentary to help promote the program.

Included film, digital, social, experiential, shopper

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GATORADE - The Fierce Collective

We partnered with 9 different artists to create unique expressions of bold + intense that visually brought the flavors of Gatorade Fierce to life.

Included film, digital, social

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LANDSHARK - Fins In with Zac Brown

We created a 10-episode web series that gave fans intimate access to the band. But, each video could only be unlocked after the previous video had enough views or likes on Facebook.


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SCOTCH TAPE - Most Gifted Wrappers

We utilized Santa's Elves, the greatest gift wrappers in the world, to create an award-winning program that highlighted the benefits of the different Scotch Tapes and increased presence and awareness at retail.

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GATORADE - League of Captains


We partnered with DC Entertainment to create 5 unique bottle labels, custom comic books featuring Gatorade athletes, allow consumers to create their own athlete superheroes, and even give competitive high school athletes the chance to win their very own comic book cover.

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ROLLING ROCK - Do Your Thing

Rolling Rock was looking to reposition themselves and compete with PBR, specifically targeting 21-25 year old consumers who enjoy getting the most out of life and their beer. We took advantage of the fact that everyone has a camera in their pocket, so we created a campaign that celebrated the brand’s strong heritage and put the consumers first by asking them to submit photos of themselves showing us how they Do Their Thing. The photos were then used for POS, packaging, and advertising.

START RIGHT - Packaging

Start Right Foods was looking to stand out in a competitive and growing category - protein waffles and breakfast items. In order to establish a strong presence on shelf and evolve from their start-up roots, we created a packaging design system that could be applied to current products, and all products introduced in the future. The ownable blue color creates a billboard effect in cooler while also allowing the product to be the hero. 

MAULL'S - Brand launch and relaunch

Maull's was a St. Louis tradition for 100 years. But financial troubles caused the brand to shut down. Under new ownership, Maull's wanted to relaunch with all new branding and packaging. Furthermore, they were introducing a new line of BBQ sauces sweetened with date syrup. We created a brand for a whole new line of products, including naming, packaging design, and more.



We created a one-night-only, invite-only, pop-up dinner event on a rooftop in downtown Kansas City that demonstrated and celebrated the unique pairing of Budweiser and burgers.

Guests didn't know where they were going until the day of the event, or what to expect until they showed up. Packed with surprises, guests sampled custom burgers from Joe West, got a custom-made t-shirt, and could design their own can using Virtual Reality.


In order to create added engagement at events and immerse attendees and fans into a world of Sparkling Ice, we created Sparkling Slice - a custom game that allowed players to smash the ice cubes in order to score big.


Junior Achievement of St. Louis came to us to help with one of their sponsored areas in their building. Bayer was the sponsor, and they were looking to show students from grade school through high school the importance of STEM and the amount of careers that involve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. But how do you keep students interested in that type of information?

We used pizza - yes, pizza - to make the topic relatable, then created an interactive touchscreen experience that pitted two teams of students against each other. By the end students were able to learn about the 15,000+ jobs it takes to get a pizza from farm to front door, and how STEM is involved every step of the way.


NASCAR - Champion's Week

We created a 3-day event in Las Vegas to help celebrate the NASCAR season. Our Fan Headquarters was the place for die-hard fans and passing tourists to hangout and check out all things NASCAR, with new activities and experiences every single day.

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